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Training: bringing you the latest innovations in micro learning, employee engagement and leadership development.

LeadershipMind offers a range of courses—and at the heart of every course we teach is the invitation to awaken to, and tap into, the creative intelligence and leadership potential of every single person at every level of any organization.

Here is a sampling of the courses we offer– all of our courses can be customized to your group’s needs:

Core Practices for Leadership

Everyone—supervisors, managers, directors and front line staff—has leadership capacity, the ability to shape your organization’s future, and it takes leaders at all levels to create a thriving organization. This course explores what it means to be a leader and how to put leadership into action.

Leading in a Culture of Change 

Constant change and uncertainty is the order of the day. The ability to not only react to change, but to actually maintain a sense of control in this kind of environment is becoming a required competency in today’s workplace.

Creating Highly Effective Teams

Creating effective teams takes courage, discipline and commitment. You can have a group of highly productive, intelligent individuals in your department, but it is not an intelligent group—and you are not capitalizing on that group’s intelligence–unless you are practicing some specific habits that will transform your group into high performing team.

Quantum Innovation: tapping into the creative capacities of your team or organization

The value of thinking and behaving in new, innovative ways has vastly increased in recent years. What is creativity—how does it lead to innovative solutions and new ways of doing business? What are the key ingredients of creativity? How do you unleash creativity and innovation in your workplace?

To tell the truth: dealing with negativity in the workplace

If you have ever worked in an organization where toxic relationships were rampant, where gossip went unchecked and conflicts festered without ever getting resolved, then you’ll understand the toll that dysfunctional relationships and team dynamics takes on you personally and on your organization as a whole.

Dialogue into Action

Many leaders and managers today find themselves working with outmoded paradigms (about leadership, about organizational structure, about rewards and incentives, about empowerment, etc.) that are simply no longer useful or relevant to the complex demands of today’s organizations. How then, do leaders make the shift from these old models to a new way of organizing that truly liberates the talent of its people so that conscious, intelligent decisions and action are taken at every level of that organization?

Beyond Culture: working with diversity

Beyond culture offers a way of thinking about diversity that goes beyond the typical skills and activities frequently offered in diversity awareness training. It provides participants with an experience of deep engagement with their own assumptions, beliefs, fears and biases that prevent a genuine, vital and lived experience of working with diversity.

The Leader as Coach

To be both a leader in an organization and a coach within that same structure is a very unique and impactful position. It is not only to do with the one on one coaching relationship, but the bigger picture as well, creating an environment in your own team, as well as your organization that supports coaching.


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