You might not see yourself as a leader. Maybe you feel you lack the ego, the right, the authority, the status or the experience to call yourself a leader. But here’s the deal—if you are seeking to be a positive influence on other people, if you have ideas for how things could be better in the world (or your corner of it) then you already have the leadership mindset.

Leading doesn’t mean having power and authority—it means having a particular attitude that says I’m willing to learn, I’m willing to serve, I’m willing to be a contribution in my organization, in my community and in my family.

This attitude, this “leadershipmind” approach, isn’t given to you and it can’t be taken away. It’s who you are. And what we’re here to do in this blog, and throughout our website, is to point you to resources that will help you be the best you possible.

Thanks for visiting.   To say thanks, Leadership Self Regulation Questionnaire. It’s a resource we’ve used over the years in many of our leadership training courses. And if you answer the questions honestly you are well on your way in becoming the best leader you can be.


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